If Spring Returns

The kiss of two lips blossom like the first day of spring.

New beginnings.

Young love.

Old history.

A first love that seemed to be destined from above.

But their love so young, fragile, and undeveloped resulted in stillbirth.

And it hurt like hell.

It was as though heaven played a cruel joke on them.

Spring could barely make its appearance before Winter showed up to condemn.


She denied, mourned, and resented their loss;

His apathy stung.

It was as if what they shared never existed to him...as if Spring had never come.

But then Summer arrived, with all its excitement and allure.

It didn’t feel quite as amazing as Spring, but it felt like Winter’s cure.

Summer’s heat felt right for right now and that’s all she thought she needed.

So instead of being delivered from its many temptations, she often heeded.

She was enthralled by how safe temporary felt, compared to thoughts of forever.

And she comforted herself by falling into the changing leaves of autumn.

Inconsistency became her constant.

Her norm.

Her Novocain.

It numbed the chronic pain of her losing the best part of her.

She feared anything with the potential to be permanent,

Because no season compared to the refreshing, and redemptive feeling Spring gave her.

And as much as she tried, not even her pride would grant her space to deny that she couldn’t wait for Spring to return.

But this time…

She prays...

She prays that Spring will last long enough for them to bask in the beauty of their mutual affection.

She prays...

That together they will experience the excitement of summer,

Overcome the obstacles of winter,

And embrace the inevitable changes that autumn blows their way.

She prays…

That as the seasons change, this time their love can survive and  remain the same.